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The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal with breathtaking cliffs, golden beaches and the best climate in Europe.

The Algarve has a rich history, including a five-century long occupation by the Arabs, which is visible in the architecture of the region, such as the roofs with typical chimneys and tiles, as well as having many places’ names start with ‘Al’. The Algarve was part of the Roman province of Lusitania, becoming part of the jurisdiction of the Visigoths. Sea and nature are part of Algarvean people’s lives and you can observe the inhabitants wading into the ocean at low tide to find seafood along the coast and fishermen going out with fishing boats to catch squid, octopus, sardines, and tuna.

The Algarve has mild winters and long hot summers, with the height of the tourism from July through August. This is when the beaches are full, and hotels are sold out. However, spring and autumn are very pleasant seasons here, with the perfect weather to do a hiking or cycling tour, and discover cliffs with endless Atlantic views and enjoy the delicious Mediterranean gastronomy. It is a region blessed with stunning beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate, all of which combine to create the perfect holiday destination. The Algarve is wonderfully varied, able to appeal to a wide range of hikers. Visit Ponta da Piedade and discover fantastic landscapes of cliffs and rocks or Cape São Vicente in Sagres, the south-westernmost point of Continental Europe. Pass by small villages in a journey that takes you to the heart of the Algarve.

Authentic Algarve Road

The Algarve Region of Portugal is an incredible area for road biking along the most incredible roads of Southern Portugal. From the mountains to near the border with Spain to the Wild West Coast were you finish the journey at the south-westernmost point of Continental Europe, you will discover natural beauty of different sceneries.

Trans Algarve MTB

From the border with Spain until Sagres, you will see what the Algarve has best to offer. Ride along valleys with Mediterranean vegetation and clear water streams. Explore a lagoon system that extends itself over 60km of coast,  the lovely Moorish town of Silves and the cliff site of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.

Atlantic Trails MTB

This program along the most beautiful and unspoiled coastline of Portugal will start in the historical village of Grândola and finish at the south-westernmost point of Europe, this tour is a mix of experiences. Discover and admire the natural beauty of the different sceneries and feel the essence of some of the forgotten rural villages of Alentejo.

Easy Wild Coast

The Easy Wild Coast tour is a beautiful and relaxing cycling trip along the southwestern coast of Portugal. From Vila Nova de Milfontes to Sagres you will discover small fishing villages, some abandoned fortresses, stunning beach cities here and there. It ends at Cape São Vincente, adding a dramatic and historical full stop to the trip.

Portugal Wild Coast

From Santiago do Cacém to Sagres many magical places will offer stunning coastal sceneries for you to enjoy, while crossing the natural reserve of the SouthWest Alentejano. A sunny and stunning beach city here and there, some delicious traditional Portuguese food and the welcoming faces of our people will complete this wonderful trip.

Portugal South West Coast

From Setúbal to Lagos along the most beautiful coastline of Portugal, admire the natural beauty of different sceneries that offer stunning coastal views along the way. Cross two natural reserves and discover small fishing villages. The trip finishes in Lagos, a sunny beach city, after passing by Cape São Vicente, the south-westernmost point of Europe.

The Wild Coast Challenge

Ride along the most beautiful coastline of the country, from Sesimbra to the south-westernmost point of Europe, while admiring the natural beauty of different sceneries, crossing two natural reserves, and discovering small fishing villages with abandoned fortresses and some medieval and countryside towns with interesting people and typical food.

The Real Algarve Crossing

An unforgettable journey through Portugal's southernmost region. From the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, to the lovely Moorish town of Silves, to the cliff site of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos, to Cape São Vicente, the south-westernmost of Continental Europe, where your trip finishes, you will have a taste of what Algarve has best to offer.

Rota Vicentina Historical Way

Discover picturesque villages, historical heritage, people's lifestyles and delicious fresh local products from the south of Portugal. The historical trails will fascinate you in the most pleasureful way. Come and unveil this route by foot and let us know if it's one of the best in Europe or not!

Best of Rota Vicentina

Miles and miles of golden beaches, authentic rural lifestyles, fishing communities and old villages that seem to be lost in time. With each step you will collect an experience and with each scenery a story that will stay with you forever.
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