Hiking and Cycling Summer-Friendly Trips in Portugal

Summer means it is time to explore less crowded places.

So before you make your summer hiking and cycling holidays plans, check out our offers for the season, on routes less visited by tourists on this hot, beach-favoring time.

Portugal boasts a Mediterranean climate year-round, but the cooler months – November through February – are best avoided for those who seek the sunny weather. Rainfall peaks in March and April, but gives way to a glorious May and a sunny Summer.

Those who travel to Portugal from June through September can enjoy traditional festivals like the São João in Porto and the Santo António in Lisbon. Beach dwellers can rest easy on the coast with balmy 30º C (85º F) heat and a faint ocean breeze.

There is much to discover in Europe’s most westerly country, for while golfers and sunseekers flood to the southerly Algarve, swathes of the rest of Portugal remain unexplored. Regions vary enormously in their weather, cuisine, architecture, and wines, so a journey from north to south yields a rich bounty of different experiences.

Sintra Cascais Food & Hike Experience

At a close distance from Lisbon lies the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The perfect playground for this beautiful hiking tour! This route takes you along a magic blue coast, through wide bays of golden sand and some breathtaking cliffs.

Porto to Coimbra for Families

Cycle through our nature and discover our coast! The Porto to Coimbra for Families is a cycling tour that follows the coastline from northern to central Portugal, all while discovering the cultural and natural beauties of this region.

Madeira Island by Bike

Experience an unforgettable cycling adventure on Madeira Island, the green pearl of the Atlantic Ocean. Embellished by everything nature has given us, this is such a magnificent place that words are not enough to describe it.

The Portuguese Atlantic Camiño

The Portuguese Way is a hiking route linking the major town of Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela, along the beautiful old Saint James path. Churches, monuments and old crosses will tell the history of this less trodden way.

Atlantic Road from Porto to Lisbon

An incredible road bike experience from Porto to Lisbon. The Atlantic Route from Porto to Lisbon takes you on a journey connecting the two major cities in Portugal. The medieval and granitic capital of the north: Porto, and the actual capital of Portugal: Lisbon.

Porto, Coimbra & Lisbon

Explore the Silver Coast and discover ancient towns, breathtaking beaches, and a fantastic coastline! On this incredible bike tour, you will cycle the Portuguese "Costa da Prata" ridding side by side with the Atlantic Ocean.

Porto, Coimbra & Silver Coast

Cycle through nature and the best of Coimbra and Porto! The Silver Coast follows the coastline from northern to central Portugal.

Douro Heritage Hike

Sintra and its mystical hills dotted with fairytale palaces and extravagant villas have enchanted visitors for centuries. The hike will go through the dense forest and the exotic natural environment, discovering the best trails and places of this beautiful region.

Madeira Great Walks

This hiking tour offers a great variety of Madeira's best trails. You will discover the stunning sceneries of this volcanic island from its mountains, cliffs and levadas. These are all part of an extensive network of small irrigation channels that make for the perfect path of any adventurous hiker!

Gerês Mountain Hike

You will be immersed in the most unique National Park of Portugal and enjoy the amazing fauna and flora that is part of this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The Teixeira Meadow and Lagoon and the Albergaria Oak Forest are some of the amazing places you will hike through.
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