Hiking and Cycling Family Tours in Portugal

Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your holidays anymore.

Family trips open up the world of adventure travel to kids age four and up by letting them experience their planet on their terms. Everything is very exciting when we are a kid. Travel with yours and come to discover Portugal.

Portugal is the perfect family vacation destination

  • The weather is very pleasant, not too hot and not too cold, with sunshine almost all year around. Perfect for outdoor activities, sightseeing and enjoying a nice dinner al fresco.
  • We are just around the corner, and there are more and more direct flights to Portugal, making the journey very kid-friendly. The only hard part is leaving since you’ll want to stick around!
  • It’s a pretty inexpensive country, and you’ll find it easy to feed a small army with fresh and typical food on a budget. Just look for the traditional restaurants and avoid the tourist lures.
  • The food is very fresh, healthy, delicious, and we always have anything you’ll like (even if you are a very picky eater). You will crave it as soon as you leave!
  • Portugal is a very kid-friendly country, and wherever you go we are prepared to accommodate your little rugrats. Hotels always have cribs available, restaurants will offer you child seats and even many taxis already carry child seaters in the trunk.
  • And the best part? When you have a little one in tow, you get to cut a lot of the lines. In Portugal, it’s required by law to give priority to parents with lap children. We just love little kids!

Take a look at our hiking and cycling tours below.