E-Bike Tours in Portugal


E-Bike Tours in Portugal

Change the way you think about cycling!

E-bike tours are a tendency that is growing exponentially, allied with the developing technology and quality of the bicycles. And considerably so, since they allow the rider to go further, faster, and explore more than they were physically able to do before.

What are E-Bikes?

Electric bikes are supplied with energy from a removable and rechargeable battery. While you’re pedaling, they provide power and help you cycle lighter and faster or tackle a harder climb.
Not to be confused with motorbikes, the e-bike philosophy is to aid the cyclist and not to replace entirely the pleasure and challenge of riding.
The power used on the e-bike can be regulated according to the difficulty of the route to assist on the tougher paths but should be mindfully economized to last you the whole day.
The harder you pedal, the less battery power you will consume, and as you slow down your pace, the electrical assistance kicks in and provides a welcome boost.
E-bikes tend to be heavier than regular bikes due to the equipment fitted, such as the battery itself or the LCD. But the weight is compensated by the power of electricity, and you will not feel the difference.
While e-bikes provide a significant level of assistance, you should still prepare for the challenge ahead.

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<span style="color: #e36517">E-Bike</span> <span style="font-size:15px">UNISEX</span>


Includes: handle-bar bag, rear bag, rear rack, pedals, spare tubes, helmet, water bottle, tools, and pump.
<span style="color: #e36517">E-Mountain Bike</span> <span style="font-size:15px">UNISEX</span>

E-Mountain Bike UNISEX

Includes: handle-bar bag, pedals, spare tubes, helmet, water bottle, tools, and pump.

E-Bike Advantages

  • Ride longer, higher and faster. The power of an e-bike will transcend your abilities.
  • A great way to level different fitness levels within a group, so no one is left behind.
  • Ride through an injury. With the help of electric power, riding can be easier on your body.
  • E-bikes use clean, green, and efficient energy. The planet thanks you!
  • Great for beginners and experienced cyclists. Everyone can enjoy a little extra power.
  • Challenge yourself to adventures you didn’t think you could accomplish. Widen your horizons.

Secrets of Alentejo Cycing

Alentejo is a region in Portugal bristling with aromas, colors, and cultural heritage. Prepare yourself for a gorgeous cycle over the gentle hills and unspoiled golden landscapes. Discover ancient megalithic sites, medieval villages, and historical cities.

Mountains & the Douro Valley

One of the most beautiful and oldest regions in the world. This scenic bike tour from Belmonte to the Douro Valley, experiencing the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of Portugal.

Porto to Coimbra for Families

Cycle through our nature and discover our coast! The Porto to Coimbra for Families is a cycling tour that follows the coastline from northern to central Portugal, all while discovering the cultural and natural beauties of this region.

Northwest Portugal Family Tour

Discover the green beauty of the Minho region. An unspoiled region of rare beauty lies in the north of Portugal. Surrounded by quiet roads and luxuriant nature, it holds a special charm with its warm-hearted people, tasty food, and heritage wine.

Madeira Island by Bike

Experience an unforgettable cycling adventure on Madeira Island, the green pearl of the Atlantic Ocean. Embellished by everything nature has given us, this is such a magnificent place that words are not enough to describe it.

Easy Algarve Crossing

Discover one of the most amazing places in the Algarve. The Easy Algarve Crossing is an incredible bike tour that will lead you through paradise. Explore castles, forts, and fishing villages while riding between the biodiverse landscape of Ria Formosa, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal.

Castles & the Templar Heritage

Feel the charm and richness of the Templar lands. An adventure that, more than a bike ride will be a historical and gastronomic experience, also giving you the chance to know some of the best (and most tasty) delicacies of the region.

Atlantic Road from Porto to Lisbon

An incredible road bike experience from Porto to Lisbon. The Atlantic Route from Porto to Lisbon takes you on a journey connecting the two major cities in Portugal. The medieval and granitic capital of the north: Porto, and the actual capital of Portugal: Lisbon.

From the Karst Country to the Sea

An incredible ride between the interior mountains of Central Portugal and the beautiful Costa de Prata. Cycle through incredible paths and single tracks, between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean and discover some of the most iconic and historic places of Portugal.

The Algarve MTB Trails

Discover the unspoiled nature and secrets of the Algarve. A mountain bike program through the most authentic, beautiful, and unknown trails.
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