Hiking Tours in Portugal


Walking and Hiking Tours in Portugal

Discover Portugal hiking, explore cliffs with endless views, wild beaches, historic and iconic places, and lush forests. Immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture and enjoy the fantastic climate, delicious cuisine, wines and friendly people that will remain in your memories forever.

Set your pace and, in each step, discover a new experience. Nature and adventure will be your travel companions, as you find the changing landscapes in each new stage of your trip. Portugal has so much to offer and can please every personal taste. From North to South, from East to West, you can delight yourself with such different hiking tours, that the difficulty is choosing!

Nurture your historic and cultural appetite! Find palaces and castles buried in magical forests with Sintra Heritage & Coastal Trails. Be a pilgrim in the ancient Caminos with The Portuguese Way to Santiago. Or feel like a king immersed in the medieval towns of Alentejo Historical Villages.

Delight your smell and taste sense hiking through the valleys, vineyards, and wineries of one of the most famous wine regions of Portugal with Douro Vineyards Hike.

Find the wonders of the Rota Vicentina, either by the shore on the fisherman trails with the Best of Rota Vicentina or discover the inland heritage of the Rota Vicentina Historical Way.

Soak up on the sunny south coast with breathtaking cliffs and beaches, and feel the year-long summer breeze as you walk the Algarve Cliff Trails.

Or explore the unspoiled Atlantic Islands and their magnificent natural wonders in Madeira Great Walks or Azores Dream Hiking Holiday.

No matter the location, Portugal is filled with new adventures to discover by foot, with wonderful choices for beginners as for experienced hikers. Let us help you choose!

Short Break Porto & Douro

The Douro Valley is here to make you surrender to its outstanding beauty. The hiking through the immense valleys and the train journey from Porto to the Douro slopes, leading you to amazing vineyard terrace sceneries, will mark this unforgettable experience. Find yourself in small wine producing villages on the slopes, with stunning views over the terraces. At night rest in wine farms, delight yourself with homemade dinners and drink the wines produced on the doorstep. Proud people, quality wine and traditional lifestyles make this a special place to visit.

Short Break Sintra

Located close to Lisbon, the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is the perfect playground for a beautiful hiking tour! This route starts at Cape Roca, the westernmost point of Continental Europe and continues along the blue coastline, passes through wide bays of golden sand, breathtaking cliffs and reaches Sintra village. Experience great inland hiking, crossing the Sintra forest and its hilltops capped by luxuriant vegetation. During this time you will also explore charming hotels, delicious gastronomy and incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Algarve Wild Coast

This is the best way to discover the coastal scenery of the southwest coast of Portugal, with beaches backed by dunes between dramatic and rugged cliffs. Feel the spirit of life, admire spectacular sunsets and visit the iconic Cape São Vicente.

Sintra Cascais Food & Hike Experience

At a close distance from Lisbon lies the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The perfect playground for this beautiful hiking tour! This route takes you along a magic blue coast, through wide bays of golden sand and some breathtaking cliffs.

Best of Rota Vicentina

Miles and miles of golden beaches, authentic rural lifestyles, fishing communities and old villages that seem to be lost in time. With each step you will collect an experience and with each scenery a story that will stay with you forever.

The Portuguese Atlantic Camiño

The Portuguese Way is a hiking route linking the major town of Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela, along the beautiful old Saint James path. Churches, monuments and old crosses will tell the history of this less trodden way.

Azores Dream Hiking Holiday

Discover the largest island of the Azores archipelago, São Miguel. A small natural jewel to explore for the richness and diversity of the nature that covers it. To discover the so-called "Green Island" we will every day meet its glorious nature, hiking through lush Azorean vegetation, bubbling solfataras and crater lakes.

Sintra Heritage & Coastal Trails

The Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is the playground for this beautiful hiking tour! Our route starts in Cascais, and goes along a fantastic coast, passing wide bays of golden sand and rugged cliffs until you arrive at the westernmost point of Europe - Cape Roca! Later, Colares and Sintra await you.

Douro Vineyards Hike

This fantastic program will get you to one of the most beautiful places in Portugal - The Douro region. From Porto to the Douro slopes you will embark on train journeys that will lead you to amazing vineyards terraces, listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Madeira Island Adventure

Madeira Island Adventure is an incredible hiking program through one of the most beautiful Portuguese islands, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic! If you are a hiking lover this is the ideal opportunity to get to know Madeira and its unique characteristics by walking paths designed for avid hike seekers.

The Fisherman’s Trail

Discover a wild, scrubby expanse of low hills and wave-pounded cliffs. There is an unnerving stillness to the landscape, but that stillness ends abruptly at the Atlantic Ocean. This program will take you through a remarkable trail along the southwest coast of the country.

Algarve Cliff Trails

Algarve Cliff Trails is an incredible hiking program along the most beautiful golden cliffs in the Algarve Coast where you can admire the natural beauty of the limestone cliffs carved by the sea and the wind.

Explore Madeira Island

If you are a hiking lover this is the ideal opportunity to experience Madeira and its unique characteristics. The best Madeira trails are full of wonders, passing by mountains, cliffs and levadas with breathtaking natural sceneries.

Madeira Great Walks

This hiking tour offers a great variety of Madeira's best trails. You will discover the stunning sceneries of this volcanic island from its mountains, cliffs and levadas. These are all part of an extensive network of small irrigation channels that make for the perfect path of any adventurous hiker!

The Portuguese Way to Santiago

The Portuguese Way is a hiking route linking the major town of Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela, along the beautiful old Saint James path. Churches, monuments and old crosses will tell the history of this less trodden way.

Alentejo Historical Villages

Experience the history of our country through wonderfully preserved castles, medieval towns and megalithic sites. Walk through beautiful forests, meet the proud people of Alentejo and taste their incredible traditional dishes and wonderful local red wine. Learn about the peaceful lifestyle of the Portuguese countryside and the ancestry of our people.