Portugal Hiking Tours

To discover Portugal by Hiking is to explore cliffs with endless views, wild beaches, historic and iconic places, and lush forests. You will immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture and enjoy the fantastic climate, delicious cuisine, wines and friendly people that will remain in your memories forever.

Madeira Great Walks

This hiking tour offers a great variety of Madeira's best trails. You will discover the stunning sceneries of this volcanic island from its mountains, cliffs and levadas. These are all part of an extensive network of small irrigation channels that make for the perfect path of any adventurous hiker!

Azores Dream Hiking Holiday

Discover the largest island of the Azores archipelago, São Miguel. A small natural jewel to explore for the richness and diversity of the nature that covers it. To discover the so-called "Green Island" we will every day meet its glorious nature, hiking through lush Azorean vegetation, bubbling solfataras and crater lakes.

Madeira Island Adventure

Madeira Island Adventure is an incredible hiking program through one of the most beautiful Portuguese islands, known as the Pearl of the Atlantic! If you are a hiking lover this is the ideal opportunity to get to know Madeira and its unique characteristics by walking paths designed for avid hike seekers.

Explore Madeira Island

If you are a hiking lover this is the ideal opportunity to experience Madeira and its unique characteristics. The best Madeira trails are full of wonders, passing by mountains, cliffs and levadas with breathtaking natural sceneries.

Alentejo Historical Villages

Experience the history of our country through wonderfully preserved castles, medieval towns and megalithic sites. Walk through beautiful forests, meet the proud people of Alentejo and taste their incredible traditional dishes and wonderful local red wine. Learn about the peaceful lifestyle of the Portuguese countryside and the ancestry of our people.

The Portuguese Way to Santiago

The Portuguese Way is a hiking route linking the major town of Ponte de Lima to Santiago de Compostela, along the beautiful old Saint James path. Churches, monuments and old crosses will tell the history of this less trodden way.

Rota Vicentina Historical Algarve

Routes and landscapes with the Atlantic background, wonderful beaches, fishing villages and an archeological patrimony of a moorish past make the “Rota Vicentina" Historical Algarve a enchanting option for a long course trail.

Rota Vicentina Historical Alentejo

Mainly comprising rural trails, this is a classic Grand Route (GR), fully accessible to hikers, with stretches of cork trees forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks, in a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails.

Rota Vicentina Historical Way

Discover picturesque villages, historical heritage, people's lifestyles and delicious fresh local products from the south of Portugal. The historical trails will fascinate you in the most pleasureful way. Come and unveil this route by foot and let us know if it's one of the best in Europe or not!

Best of Rota Vicentina

Miles and miles of golden beaches, authentic rural lifestyles, fishing communities and old villages that seem to be lost in time. With each step you will collect an experience and with each scenery a story that will stay with you forever.
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