Cycling Tours in Portugal


Bike Tours in Portugal

Top Rated Cycling Trips in Portugal

Bike Tours in Portugal. Portugal is an ideal country for cycling tourism, where you can bike along the magnificent Atlantic Coast, encounter wild beaches, and explore the rich landscape of the Algarve. Discover an incredible cultural heritage, enchanting villages, and unique traditions, coupled with the best of the Mediterranean gastronomy in a fantastic climate.

Exploring Portugal on a bike is a unique experience and adventure, whether you prefer a coastal trip with the sea by your side, to conquer our hills and mountains, or to immerse yourself through our typical and historic villages. So many options to choose from, but all of them offer you a rich pedaling experience!

Our tours are designed to provide bike enthusiasts everything they need for a great cycling trip. All the trips have been meticulously perfected and adjusted to tailor the needs of all our clients, from beginners to experts, with Easy, Leisurely, Fit, Challenging, and Extreme levels. You can check the best bike tours in Portugal for you on our Tour Grades.

All the cycling tours can be done either in small Guided groups or, if you prefer the freedom to travel at your own pace and away from the crowds, you can choose a Self-Guided trip.
Self-Guided trips are a great choice for traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic since you can keep the recommended physical and social distance, you’ll only travel with the persons you already know, and you can bike in wide open beautiful spaces, far from crowds and off the beaten path. Check out more about our COVID-19 measures.

You can either bring your bike with you, since many airlines offer great prices for bicycle transportation, or you can choose to rent one of our top-quality bikes. Our Hybrid Bikes (also called touring or leisure bikes) are a big hit for being very comfortable and versatile, as well as our E-Bikes, for those who want an easier ride. For more specialized tours, we also have available MTB and Road Bikes.

Dare to experience a bicycle holiday in Portugal, and be amazed by nature, the culture, the heritage, and the amazing cycling paths! Choose your tour from the options below, or contact us for a Tailor-Made trip!

Secrets of Alentejo Cycing

Alentejo is a region in Portugal bristling with aromas, colors, and cultural heritage. Prepare yourself for a gorgeous cycle over the gentle hills and unspoiled golden landscapes. Discover ancient megalithic sites, medieval villages, and historical cities.

Mountains & the Douro Valley

One of the most beautiful and oldest regions in the world. This scenic bike tour from Belmonte to the Douro Valley, experiencing the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of Portugal.

Porto to Coimbra for Families

Cycle through our nature and discover our coast! The Porto to Coimbra for Families is a cycling tour that follows the coastline from northern to central Portugal, all while discovering the cultural and natural beauties of this region.

Northwest Portugal Family Tour

Discover the green beauty of the Minho region. An unspoiled region of rare beauty lies in the north of Portugal. Surrounded by quiet roads and luxuriant nature, it holds a special charm with its warm-hearted people, tasty food, and heritage wine.

Madeira Island by Bike

Experience an unforgettable cycling adventure on Madeira Island, the green pearl of the Atlantic Ocean. Embellished by everything nature has given us, this is such a magnificent place that words are not enough to describe it.

Easy Algarve Crossing

Discover one of the most amazing places in the Algarve. The Easy Algarve Crossing is an incredible bike tour that will lead you through paradise. Explore castles, forts, and fishing villages while riding between the biodiverse landscape of Ria Formosa, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal.

Castles & the Templar Heritage

Feel the charm and richness of the Templar lands. An adventure that, more than a bike ride will be a historical and gastronomic experience, also giving you the chance to know some of the best (and most tasty) delicacies of the region.

Secrets of Algarve Cycling

Discover the unspoiled nature and secrets of the Algarve on a cycling tour through its most authentic, beautiful, and unknown routes. Explore castles, forts, and fishing villages while riding between the biodiverse landscape of Ria Formosa, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal. From the wide-open landscapes of golden beaches to one of the most idyllic waterfalls in the region, you will have the opportunity to watch dolphins in the wild, contact local fishermen, visit traditional markets, and admire expansive salt plains. An unforgettable bike experience through the Algarve’s best-kept secrets.

Porto, Coimbra & Lisbon

Explore the Silver Coast and discover ancient towns, breathtaking beaches, and a fantastic coastline! On this incredible bike tour, you will cycle the Portuguese "Costa da Prata" ridding side by side with the Atlantic Ocean.

Algarve Family Bike Tour

Discover one of the most amazing places in the Algarve. An incredible bike program that will lead you through paradise. Explore castles, forts, and fishing villages while riding between the biodiverse landscape of Ria Formosa, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal.

Porto, Coimbra & Silver Coast

Cycle through nature and the best of Coimbra and Porto! The Silver Coast follows the coastline from northern to central Portugal.

Historical Villages by Bike

Cycle by the natural wonders and discover the iconic Historical Villages of Portugal. Strategically placed, Portugal's historical villages are the resulting work of many generations of Kings. The people saw each victory as a miracle, and so, century after century, our heritage was built, destroyed and then re-built again.

Easy Wild Coast

The Easy Wild Coast tour is a beautiful and relaxing cycling trip along the southwestern coast of Portugal. From Vila Nova de Milfontes to Sagres you will discover small fishing villages, some abandoned fortresses, stunning beach cities here and there. It ends at Cape São Vincente, adding a dramatic and historical full stop to the trip.

Portugal Wild Coast

From Santiago do Cacém to Sagres many magical places will offer stunning coastal sceneries for you to enjoy, while crossing the natural reserve of the SouthWest Alentejano. A sunny and stunning beach city here and there, some delicious traditional Portuguese food and the welcoming faces of our people will complete this wonderful trip.

Portugal South West Coast

From Setúbal to Lagos along the most beautiful coastline of Portugal, admire the natural beauty of different sceneries that offer stunning coastal views along the way. Cross two natural reserves and discover small fishing villages. The trip finishes in Lagos, a sunny beach city, after passing by Cape São Vicente, the south-westernmost point of Europe.

The Wild Coast Challenge

Ride along the most beautiful coastline of the country, from Sesimbra to the south-westernmost point of Europe, while admiring the natural beauty of different sceneries, crossing two natural reserves, and discovering small fishing villages with abandoned fortresses and some medieval and countryside towns with interesting people and typical food.

The Atlantic Way to Santiago

Discover and admire the Portuguese way of pilgrimage in a program that links the major city of Porto to Santiago de Compostela, following the Atlantic Ocean and its different sceneries. Churches, monuments and old crosses will tell the history of this less trodden way until you arrive at the Saint James Cathedral.

Porto & The Green Coast

Follow the shores of the rivers Minho and Lima and Northern Portugal's coast, discovering the cultural and natural beauties of the wonderful Minho region. Along the way admire historical places, medieval fortresses and churches. Cross protected areas of sand dunes, bird habitats and old fishing ports and finish the trip in Porto.

Alentejo Vineyards and Alqueva Lake

Nine gorgeous days cycling over gentle hills and through unspoiled golden landscapes. Discover ancient megalithic sites, medieval villages and historical cities. Visit and stay in castles, palaces, monasteries and convents, and feel like the queen or king of Portugal! Taste delicious gastronomy and the excellent wines.

Alentejo Vineyards Cycling

Alentejo Vineyards Bike tour. 7 Days Cycling Tour in the Alentejo region of Portugal is bristling with aromas, colors, and cultural heritage. Prepare yourself for a gorgeous cycle over the gentle hills and unspoiled golden landscapes.

The Real Algarve Crossing

An unforgettable journey through Portugal's southernmost region. From the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, to the lovely Moorish town of Silves, to the cliff site of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos, to Cape São Vicente, the south-westernmost of Continental Europe, where your trip finishes, you will have a taste of what Algarve has best to offer.

Atlantic West Coast & Sintra

A fantastic cycling tour along the Atlantic West Coast of Europe! Visit typical fishing villages and the most well-preserved medieval village in Portugal, Óbidos. Explore Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and its wonders. The trip finishes after passing by the westernmost point in Europe - Cape Roca.

Douro Valley by Bike

One of the most beautiful and oldest wine regions in the world, the Douro Valley, is here to make you surrender to its outstanding beauty. The cycling through the immense valleys and the Douro River cruise will lead you to amazing vineyard terrace sceneries, which will mark this amazing experience.