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Your tour is meticulously planned by our experienced staff, your lodging is taken care of and you have a choice of hotel options to fit your budget.  The luggage transfers are optionally included and you have access via a cell phone that we provide for local support and emergency services twenty four hours a day.

ON A SELF-GUIDED TOUR you get to travel on the dates that work best for you and your group, typically from 2 to 10 travelers.

Every tour includes a book with information about every stage: a small description of the stage, a map, sites to visit, places to eat, the climbing and distance, water points, open hours, and suggestions about the track. Even though we do our best to prepare every detail for your tour, we do always recommend some planning and studying about the stages.

Although you are on a self-guided tour and on your “own”, we will support you 24 hours a day with anything you might need, meaning you will be on your own but with the team to back you up just in case. In case of bad weather, sickness, needing a doctor or a pharmacy, bike problems, or anything that might happen.

The self-guided tours we offer the same quality, style, service, and comfort of our guided tours. The main difference is that on a self-guided tour you are the guide. Self-guided tours offer tremendous freedom, flexibility   and independence.


Wake up and have breakfast (included in every hotel) at your own pace, you are not in a group, you are on a self-guided tour.


Prepare everything to ride your bicycle, make sure the batteries of the GPS (Garmin Oregon 700)  are charged, the phone is charged, have your maps, money and travel documents, and all the gear included in the gear list.

On a biking tour check your bike for oil, check the tires, and make sure you have some food supplies with you.


Leave your luggage at the front desk ready for transfer (also included), and leave the hotel.


Make sure you know at what time is the sunset and manage well the time spent visiting and riding.

Every day at the end of the day study the next day stage, make sure you know where are the water points, and the places you can stop for food.


We give you the best advice possible regarding the places you´ll pass along the stage, and make sure you have a great adventure but with the feeling of being safe.

capa_selfguided Garmin Oregon 700

It is also important to recognize that a self-guided tour is not the same as what is known as a self-contained tour where you are responsible for everything from planning the routes, arranging hotels, luggage transfers, carrying your gear, etc. On a self-guided tour we arrange everything for you, and make it as comfortable as we can.